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Reunión VIRTUAL sobre Prevención del Consumo de Bebidas por Menores de Edad

Here is a message from our partners over at the Community Coalitions of Virginia (CCoVA):

In honor of National Alcohol Awareness month and MADD’s PowerTalk 21 initiative, please join a VIRTUAL Town Hall Meeting on Underage Drinking Prevention this Thursday (4/30) @ 1pm presented by Community Coalitions of Virginia (CCoVA). This is a great opportunity for parents, professionals, and interested community members to learn about underage drinking and what other communities across Virginia are thinking and doing about it.

Please feel free to invite your colleagues and community members! Here is the access information for the Zoom meeting:

Zoom In: Dial In: +1 646 558 8656; Meeting ID: 412 022 296

Please feel free to submit any additional questions/topics you would like to see discussed to in advance of the meeting.

Now available: The new and improved MADD Parent Handbooks for parents of middle and high school age youth - Talking to Teens About Alcohol. You can download it for FREE at:

We hope to see you there!

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